My biggest tips to getting free leads online!

The two biggest struggles network marketers face in my opinion are attrition, and a lack of leads for their business.  Oddly enough, the solution to the first problem comes from dominating the second.  And in order to dominate in the leads business, you have to know the best places to find free MLM leads for your group.  Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re thinking there are other ways to handle attrition you’re absolutely right.  But rather than worry about whether someone is going to quit or not, if you keep your pipeline chalk full of prospects you’ll never have that concern.

O.k., so maybe what I’m going to share with you isn’t new to you, but odds are pretty good it will at least help someone in your downline.  I’ve included both online and offline methods for acquiring free mlm leads, but realize that some of these methods follow attraction marketing principles, while others do not.  What this means is if you are interested in building a downline fast, you’ll want to pay attention to and implement the techniques that do not require you to wait for a response.  I call these the active marketing principles, versus the attraction marketing (passive marketing) principles.  So here they are:

  1. Blogging (Attraction Marketing):  This is probably the fastest way to qualify leads online next to setting up a product offer.  I prefer this method because it works, and I enjoy it.
  2. Google+ (Attraction Marketing):  I truly believe this platform will ultimately take over Facebook.  Here you can create your own community as well as market to people following you.
  3. Facebook (Attraction Marketing):  If you want to get serious with Facebook buy the Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising and study it like you’re going to college.
  4. YouTube (Attraction Marketing):  Make videos with keyword rich descriptions.  You can capture leads through links in the description, or drive traffic to your blog.  Once you park your video here it’s basically permanent real estate (unless they close your account for some reason and delete all your videos).  Make sure your sending videos to more than one platform just in case.
  5. Twitter (Attraction Marketing):  Make sure you only follow people that add value to your life.  I’d say no more than 30-40 people tops.  Don’t fall into the “the more followers I have the better” mindset.  It won’t get you anywhere.  I was there once and unfollowed everyone but the top dogs I wanted to follow.  I only lost 10 followers in the process, no big deal.  A lot of people reach out on Twitter to say “hi” or ask questions via direct message.
  6. Real Estate Signs (Attraction Marketing):  This is a great offline method.  If you write great “copy” on the sign with a follow up phone number and post it at a busy intersection or freeway offramp you can generate 20-30 leads a day from this.  It’s very powerful, and local.
  7. Flyers & Brochures (Attraction Marketing):  Leaving these at busy locales can also draw up leads if again you have excellent “copy” on them to draw in the reader.  The best copywriting books I’ve read all recommend sending the reader to either an 800 number or a URL with incredible sales copy (long copy).
  8. Business Card Boards (Active Marketing):  This is the most powerful offline technique I’ve seen next to live events.  I’ve walked into restaurants with business card boards chalk full of cards.  The cool thing is every one of them is business minded and maybe open to chatting on the phone.  Granted, it’s cold call marketing, but it’s no different than “cold call” meeting somebody at the mall or grocery store (which sucks by the way).  The worst I’ve seen is when network marketers stalk the leadership book section at Barnes & Nobles.  It makes me want to strangle their upline.  Check out the spread I found at a local Japanese Steakhouse style restaurant (like the one in Beverly Hills Ninja if you’ve seen it)!
  9. Live Events (Active Marketing):  Things like the Chamber Of Commerce, or Meetup Events, Social Networking Events, etc., are great ways to network with business colleagues and like-minded people.  Don’t waste your time at these events chatting with people you think are “cool.”  Stay focused and grab as many numbers as you can in a professional/personal manner.  By the time you meet 10 people you may even have an idea of who to introduce to who.  You may strike great brownie points introducing Person A to Person B before leaving the event.  Person A and B may never remember each other, but they’ll never forget the guy that made the connection happen.
  10. Get Out There And Enjoy Life (Active Marketing):  If you make even a half-hearted attempt to stay active you’ll have no problem networking offline.  Maybe this means joining a gym, or an “old guys sports league,” or a biking club, etc.  If you just attempt to live life a little you’ll meet a few new people daily.


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